March 6th, 2013
PRODcast 38: Curt Schilling's $92,613 Bloody Sock
Productive Outs

The super-special spring training, World Baseball Classic-ing, listener appreciating episode!

  2. Emails
  3. Musical guest: BATILLUS
  4. Disembodied vocal guests: Criag Oldstein & Dorn Shinebeans from the Internet!
  5. Honkbal talk: 
  6. WBC Action
  7. Ismel Jimenez’s backpants
  8. Japanese batting stances/mechanics
  9. Cuba’s uniforms
  10. Russell Martin bailing on Canada
  11. The Dominicans crushing the PhLOLies
  12. Korea is done
  13. Other things
  14. Ian’s trip to Arizona
  15. Watching a game “together”?? 
  16. What’s next?
  17. PO Fantasy Baseball?
  18. Ian’s HONKBAL piece at BP
  19. Riley’s forthcoming column at PureVolume
  20. KWC shows this weekend!
  21. Bye bye internet. 

All music, other than the intro/outro theme is by BATILLUS off their forthcoming album CONCRETE SUSTAIN. It comes out March 19th, and you will buy a copy if you know what’s good for you. 

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