March 2nd, 2014

A photographic tribute to Guillermo Mota (aka William Speck), a man whose DERP flew under the radar for 14 almost-exactly-replacement-level seasons.

Bon voyage or whatever.

September 4th, 2013
PRODcast 58: Bill Hayes’ Bill Haze Bill. Hey’s Bill Hazed? Bill, Hay’s Billed.
Productive Outs
The PRODcast

I know we say this a lot, but this is a great show! It goes like this. 

- Intro

- Emails from Canadians

- Musical guest: RED HARE

- An intimate interview with Babe Handegg

- Baseball things: Red Sox, Angels, Dodgers, Pirates, and how do you choose for whom to root once your “real” rooting interest is gone?

- Musical advice: sup wit this this Canadian foreign worker bullshit?

- Riley’s getting married and Ian’s writing about baseball

- Aloha, Mr. Hand

August 13th, 2013
PRODcast 55: Skip Schumaker's Gritty, Gutty Grission Putty
Productive Outs
The PRODcast

This week’s episode sponsored by Schumaker’s, makers of the finest Grission Putty. Accept no substitutes: insist on Skip Schumaker’s Gritty, Gutty Grission Putty!

Welcome to another episode of the finest baseball podcast currently offered by Productive Outs! We’re happy you found us. In this episode:

We perform a brief introduction!
We read your emails!
We play O’Brother! 
We interview Eric Stephen of True Blue LA! 
We discuss Baseball Things!

  1. The Rangers are on fire
  2. The Rays are not
  3. Pujols suing Jack Clark
  4. Addison Russell
  5. Jarred vs. Jarrod

We dole out musical advice! 
We bid you farewell!

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As always, thank you for listening!

July 10th, 2013

The pre-order for these handsome PUIG DESTROYER tees ends today.

Don’t blow it. Grab one while you still can.

Operators are standing by

June 21st, 2013

The Productive Outs monogram tee is now available in a new colorway!

These are single-pass printed on lightweight, slightly fitted, deep heather grey Canvas brand tees. They’d go look great with your Dodgers, Blue Jays, Cubs, Mets, Rangers, Brewers, Padres, and/or Rays hat.

We also have the old school script logo available in white-on-black, which is also being single-pass printed on lightweight, slightly fitted Canvas brand blanks.

Both are available in limited quantity, so don’t dilly dally if you want to pick one up.


Thanks, as always, for your continued support.