July 1st, 2015

PRODcast 111′s Old School Player Of The Week: Vicente Romo

This potato-headed, windbreaker-under-the-jersey, plus-DADHAT-sporting weirdo is a true gem. I’m guessing his hat is a size 8 ¾. And that pose he’s fond of striking … it’s like a half pre-creepy hug, half creepy uncle-pretends-to-be-the-boogeyman kinda thing. 100% NOT a baseball move. 100% weird.

His nickname was “Huevo”, which one must only assume is a nod to his giant dome, rather than his one gigantic testicle. (Not true. We think.) Huevo played seven years for six different teams as a long reliever/spot starter in the bigs before heading to Mexico for seven years. He returned to MLB with the Dodgers at age 39 and appeared in 15 games.

Career totals: 32-33, 3.36 ERA, 3.80 FIP, 1.315 WHIP, and 1 HR (!) on May 30, 1980 vs. the White Sox.

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