August 24th, 2012

A Very Brief Thought About Trade Between The Red Sox And Dodgers

This is basically the equivalent of some ultra-rich dickhead buying out a fancy restaurant for an evening party for some of his “friends”. It’s a restaurant that was awesome like five years ago, but has since devolved into a place where idiots hang out, and the chefs are over it, and the wait staff is slacking and eating and sneaking shots on their shifts, and the manager is kinda just standing there with his arms crossed like “Do you know whothefuck I am?”

Yeah. We did, but we don’t care anymore.

But the ultra-rich dickhead did. And in a last-ditch effort to end the 2012 fiscal year by impressing the pants off of his “friends”, he threw a mind-boggling amount of cash at this restaurant in the hopes of closing the year out with a bang, retaining some new pals, and maybe…maybe getting laid.

And it’s likely that none of that will happen.

What will happen is that this ultra-rich dickhead is going to wear this retroactively bold decision for the next few years, until he either hits rock bottom or gets bailed out by one of his loaded relatives again.

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