December 15th, 2012

A Three-Year-Old Tries To Say ‘Juan Beniquez’ Seven Times

“Hi, Bert. Whaddaya say … ya look at these old baseball cards with Uncle Roger?”

“Uh unh.”

“Oh, come on. Have a seat and let’s take take a look at s- OK WE DON’T EAT THE CARDS, BERT.”

“We donita carts, Ogle Waja.”

“That’s right. We don’t eat the cards. Let’s just take a look at ‘em.”


“Oh, that one? That’s good ol’ Juan Beniquez. He played for the Angels back when Uncle Roger had more hair on his head than his back. Back in the days when he used to f- aaaanyways. Can you say ‘Juan Beniquez’, Bert? Juan … Beniquez? 

“Jodd Gudeekitz.”

“No, no … try again. JUAN BENIQUEZ.”

“Wom Nunipess.”


“Bahj Makiedis.”


“Wadda Neakowes.”

“Eh … agai- JUAN … BENIQUEZ.”

“Dah Munikens.”


“Honi Neeniths.”


“Dog Banana.”

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