January 18th, 2013

Old Time Family Baseball’s Charity Blogathon Is Tomorrow


Our friend Michael Clair of Old Time Family Baseball is holding his annual Charity Blogathon this weekend to raise money for Doctors Without Borders. On Saturday, Michael will be posting fresh content every half hour for a full 24 hours as he works toward his goal of raising $3000 for a very worthy cause. You can (and should … if you can spare a few bucks) DONATE HERE at any time over the next three days if you can. Every dollar helps.

On Sunday, while Michael sleeps off the trauma caused by the previous day’s rigors, a slew of very talented guest writers will have their work posted at Old Time Family Baseball. I (Riley) will also have my work posted there at some point on Sunday. I’m excited unleash my latest baseball-related textual disaster upon the Internet, and will let interested parties know when it’s up.

If you can, please get involved.

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