April 5th, 2013

Chris Davis Is Fine-Tuned Pile Of Deltoids

This is Chris Davis’ three-run rainmaker off of Jake McGee on April 2nd.

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The pitch: A first pitch, letter-high, 91 mph fastball. AKA: A mistake.

The swing: Like this, but left-handed.

 The velocity off the bat: 102.1 mph

The elevation angle: 30.5º

The distance (horizontally): 396 feet

The distance (vertically): This ball broke through the roof of The Trop, bounced off the moon, burst into flames on its fall back to Earth, broke a second hole in the Trop’s roof, and landed in the right field bleachers as a smoldering pile of horsehide, wool and yarn.

The verdict: That is torque, my friends. And phenomenal brute strength. But also torque. Goddamn does he make it look effortless.

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