April 28th, 2013

Giancarlo Stanton Is A Pus-Crushing Colossus

This is Giancarlo Stanton’s solo shot off of Travis Wood yesterday.


Seriously. Watch the video and note how tiny the ball looks as it exits the Earth’s atmosphere. 

The pitch: A belt-high, 89 mph cutter that cut right into Stanton’s wheelhouse.

The swing: Torque-O-Rama. It’s incredible to watch that much man uncoil and unleash so much power. (I realize how disgusting that previous sentence might seem if it were taken out of context and I kind of apologize for that but not really.) I’m fascinated by Stanton’s swing because it seems so stiff, yet it’s still so incredibly powerful. His body looks like he’s swinging underwater, but his bat speed makes it look like he’s swinging in space.

The velocity off the bat: 116.6 mph (4th fastest this season)

The elevation angle: 30.2º

“True” distance: 440 feet*

*MLB Network had it at 472 feet, which would be the third biggest blast this year — placing it behind Anthony Rizzo’s 475-foot shot on April 18th and Todd Frazier’s mammoth bomb that was rumored to be 480 feet on April 24th (but registered all zeroes on ESPN’s Home Run Tracker).

The verdict: We’ve been waiting nearly a month for this moment, jonesing for a blast (any blast, really) from Stanton. And he delivered in glorious fashion.

Welcome back, you magnificent freak!

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