April 29th, 2013

Chris Davis Makes Baseball Look Easy

This is Chris Davis’ solo shot off of Sean Doolittle yesterday.

The pitch: An 0-2, belt-high, 82 mph slider on the outside black.

The swing: Kinda like this … 

It looks like Davis gets fooled here (both in pitch type and location) and as a result, his hips and ass are gone by the time the ball gets into the hitting zone. And since his hips and ass are gone, he has to reeeach to get to out to a slider that on its way to becoming a backwards K in the scorebook. Getting that kind of plate coverage when your lower half is already on its way back to the bench is awfully hard … unless you drop a hand off the stick, cast that bat as wide as you can, flick your wrists, pack on 50+ lbs. of pure muscle and have elite hand-eye coordination. IT’S JUST THAT EASY! Results may include … 

The velocity off the bat: 104.3 mph

The elevation angle: 26.7ΒΊ

The distance: 419 feet

The verdict: Ri-goddamn-diculous. We mentioned how frustratingly effortless Davis makes decimating a baseball appear in this post, and this is just further proof. He hit a ball into the second tank at O.co Coliseum with ONE FUCKING HAND and virtually no lower half.

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