April 30th, 2013

Mark Trumbo Hit The Everloving Piss Out Of A Baseball

This is Mark Trumbo’s solo bomb off of Dan Straily yesterday.


 The pitch: A belt-high, middle-in, 91 mph, four-seam fastball.

The swing: Perfect. Nice quiet load, gets the front foot down and just unloads the hips and hands. His right hand goes at that baseball like he’s trying to punch it in the mouth. It’s a beautiful thing, and it’s just ridiculous, ridiculous power.

The velocity off the bat: 120.1 mph 

absolutely SWEET MOTHER OF F–

That’s the highest velocity of a home run this season by almost 3 mph, and the highest velocity since noted Destroyer Of Baseballs™ Giancarlo Stanton hit an absolute laser (off a guy who’s probably as old as your dad) and exploded the scoreboard in that acid flashback of a stadium in Miami last season.

The elevation angle: 20.6˚

True distance: 475 feet


The verdict: I’m not really sure you can hit a ball any harder than that ball is hit. After Trumbo murdered Straily’s offering, I spent a solid ten minutes watching the blast over and over, laughing maniacally, staring at my TV and basically doing this … 

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