April 15th, 2014
PRODcast 76: Mike Koplove's Olympic Bronze Medal Is Probably for Sale
Productive Outs
The PRODcast

We made a thing and put it inside a cat and shot it out onto the internet! 

Also, this (via The Big Lead):

But the show! 

- Open (0:00-3:37)

-Emails (4:25-43:15)

-Musical guest: LA DISPUTE. Buy “Rooms of the House” here.  (43:45-48:40)

-Baseball stuff: (48:40-1:14:55)

  • Early season mirages? Gordon, Gomez, Upton, Utley
  • Jeff Francoeur and the best baseball prank ever
  • Giancarlo Stanton: officially ridiculous
  • Dbacks, Angels, and Royals are complete tire-fires right now
  • Baseball! Get into it. 

- Musical advice question: The necessary evil of band names (1:15:30-whatever)

- KWC show debrief and other stuff (1:23:30-1:29:00)

-See ya!

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Two musicians who love baseball, but don't take it too seriously.


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