July 22nd, 2014
PRODcast 88: Hello, We Ordered A Frank Thomas & Got A Kyle Blanks Instead
Productive Outs
The PRODcast

Ice is back with a brand-new invention: PRODcast 88! 

- Open (0:00-3:30)

- Emails (4:05-28:50)

- Musical guest: AEGES. Buy THE BRIDGE here. Listen to “Fault” here. (29:30-34:10)

- Baseball things (34:10-1:04:10)

  • The Astros failed to sign Brady Aiken

  • Halos trade four MiLB players for Huston Street & a MiLB pitcher

  • Colby Lewis has re-written the Unwritten Rule Book


  • The Dodgers’ OF is a clusterfuck

  • Yasiel Puig had a pretty shitty All-Star Game/HR Derby

  • Scouting: Cliff Lee’s Fart

- Musical advice but not really: Gilead Fest/tour recap, and Bob Uecker: An Appreciation (1:04:50-1:17:30)

- Bye!

Two musicians who love baseball, but don't take it too seriously.


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