May 4th, 2015
PRODcast 109: #FirstPlaceAstros
Productive Outs
The PRODcast

As the title suggests, this week’s show is all about the Phillies.

(:40-2:33) The open, wherein we lay out our thesis statement

(3:06-7:20) The Musical Guest: COLISUEM. Buy “Anxiety’s Kiss” from Deathwish (physical and digital) or from Bandcamp (digital only).

(7:20-19:18) Your emails get read

(19:48-47:00) Our Human Guest: James Yasko of Astros County

(47:32-1:01:40) The Baseball Topics:

  • #FirstPlaceAstros
  • Roen Ronicke got douched
  • R.I.P. Jeff Karstens, True Face of MLB

(1:02:22-1:08:20) The Old School Player of the Week: Felix Fermin

A Felix fer you and a Felix Fermin!


Fermin spent 10 years in the bigs as a mostly awful MIF with the Pirates, Indians, Mariners and Cubes. Career WAR of 1.8, OPS of .608. He led the league in sacrifice hits … er … PRODUCTIVE OUTS in 1989. He’s now the manager of the Delfines de Ciudad del Carmen in the Mexican League.

That time the Yankees almost traded Mariano for Felix Fermin.


May 2nd, 2013
PRODcast 44: Reginald Martinez Jackson's Vintage Vehicle Vice
Productive Outs

We’re back from yet another unintentional hiatus with a killer show for you, Internet denizen. Here’s it’s is:

  • Intro
  • Emails from lunatics
  • Musical Guest: COLISEUM
  • Human Guest: Eno Sarris of FanGraphs
  • Baseball Talk
  • LA BP event -  Parks, Miller, Thorburn, Sutton, Kasten, Colletti & boring baseball
  • Ian’s trip to
  • The Halos BLOLpen
  • It’s a bad time to have hamstrings
  • Why are the Rockies?

What’s Next?

  • Ian bought a new bass and some other stuff
  • Riley guest posting at McC, Getting Blanked, PureVolume

Goodbye world!

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