April 2nd, 2013
"The Weave Found Some Keys"
Jose Mota

The 2013 MLB season is only a day old and we’ve already got our first Jose Mota gem of the year.

In his postgame interview with Angels catcher Chris Iannetta on Monday, Mota pulled the discussion toward Jered Weaver’s work on the mound. Specifically, Weaver’s discovery of “some keys”.

“Seems like he was fighting himself at times, but he found some keys…what were they?" 


A List Of Keys Found By Jered Weaver In Cincinnati

  • A key to a brown 1983 Pontiac Firebird
  • A hotel keycard from Red Roof Inn that doesn’t work anymore because he accidentally put it in the same pocket as his cell phone
  • A key to the luggage lock on a vintage Samsonite hardshell suitcase
  • A retractable keychain holding 47 keys (most of which work) to doors at and around Bart Margarine Junior High School
  • A key that used to open the sliding door on an ‘87 Ford Aerostar
  • A key to the city of Carson
  • A key to the batter’s box

(audio courtesy of Travis Reitsma and Runs Batted Out)

March 9th, 2013


September 19th, 2012
PRODcast 20: Don Sutton's Salt 'N Pepper Perm
Productive Outs


This episode has it all! Or at least some. 

  • Intro
  • Many, Many Emails
  • Musical guest: DEERHOOF
  • Baseballish guest: Doug Thorburn
  • Based Ball Discussion
  • Ian Rode a Bike for an Entire Day
  • Riley Hung Out with Vin Scully
  • Jose Mota Teaches You About Bikram Yoga

If you’ve read this far, have a cookie!

August 8th, 2012
The Ballad of Jose Mota
Not Jose Mota

Shit got hella weird during the recording of PRODcast 14.

Here’s a snippet of just how weird it got.

The episode will be posted in its entirety later tonight/tomorrow morning.

As always, thanks for listening.

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