April 6th, 2016
PRODcast 124: Like A Nice Bowl Of Bran
Productive Outs
The PRODcast

Hello, this is the new and (hopefully) improved PRODcast – an easy-to-digest nugget of baseball and music that should pass through your system without causing bloating, headaches and/or abdominal discomfort. It’s like the All-Bran of podcasts. PLEASE HAVE SOME.

Musical Guest: WHITE DENIM. Buy it here.

Email from an Internet Superhero: @OmarUnited

Baseball Things

BASEBALL IS BACK! (Have you heard of it?)

  1. Our picks to win each division + wild card teams
  2. Things we’re excited about/not excited about seeing this season … 
  • A full season of Correa, Bryant, Buxton,
  • The Mets rotation
  • If Jered Weaver can crack 80MPH
  • More Mike Trout, gimme all of the Mike Trout
  • Hot dog Twitter, Wrestling twitter, Twitter in general
  • MLB.tv and MLB Network ads
  • This season’s installation of Unwritten Rules enforcement

Old School Player of the Week: Tito Fuentes


October 28th, 2015
PRODcast 122: The Whirled Serious
Productive Outs
The PRODcast

(0:00-4:21) The open, where we tell you what’s in store and commiserate about our intern situation.

(4:53-9:15) The musical guest: HEAT DUST. Buy “Heat Dust” here.

(9:15-27:49) Emails from Canada’s best inbox-stuffers

(28:25-45:12) The baseball things

  • The World Series is upon us, and the Royals are rolling
  • Ruben Amaro is now … a first base coach?
  • Scott Servais is now an MLB manager but has no experience
  • Bud Black is one again and has lots

(45:45-51:05 ) Musical advice: How do you practice playing the drums when you ain’t got no drums?

(51:05-56:34) This week’s Old School Player of the Week is: Lynn Jones

October 22nd, 2015
Productive Outs
The PRODcast

It’s almost the Whirled Serious and we are MURPHING so hard rn.

(0:00-6:00) The open, where we give you the show rundown and the latest on the OLiver saga.

(6:35-10:18) The musical guest: CULT LEADER. Buy “Lightless Walk” here.

(10:18-21:50) Emails from the Internet’s Best Typists

(22:24-48:33) The human guest: David Roth of Vice Sports

(49:20-1:18:35) The baseball things

  • the TBS pitch tracker is still drunk
  • Broadcast booths and commercials: still awful
  • Cubes v. Meats
  • Jays v. Royals
  • Barry Zito has retired from baseball to become a professional musician
  • Donnie Basebulb is out as Doyers manager

(1:19:07-1:25:31) This week’s Old School Player of the Week is: Rick Sweet!

October 15th, 2015
PRODcast 120: OH CANADUH!!!
Productive Outs
The PRODcast

Can you even after today’s Jays-Rangers game? We can’t! But we try. Because we must.

(0:00-7:08) The Open

(7:43-11:00)  The Musical Guest: PIG EYES. Buy their stuff here.

(11:00-29:10) The Emails

(29:38-46:18) The Human Guest: Mauricio Rubio of Baseball Prospectus and BPWrigleyville

(46:50-1:02:40) The Baseball Things:

  • Astros: doomed by a bad ‘pen
  • Royals: frustratingly stubborn and good
  • Ragnars: that was one helluvan implosion
  • Jays: our odd friends to the North
  • Doyers: Utley, Kershaw, and Greinke slide into a bar…
  • Mets: ridiculous rotation
  • Cubes: Schwarber is beasting, actually they’re all beasting, they’re in the NLCS!

(1:02:40-1:08:21) The Old School Player of the Week is: RAFAEL RAMIREZ

October 1st, 2015
PRODcast 118: I Can't SPROTS
Productive Outs
The PRODcast

Hello! We can no longer SPROTS. Can you too?

(0:00-4:55) The open, featuring our first ever sponsor: fandrool.com!

(4:55-7:05) Musical Guest: Chvrches. Buy Every Open Eye here.

(7:45- 24:15) Emails From The Internet

(25:00-52:52) The Baseballs - Playoffs, Unwritten Rules & Stuff

  1. Playoff chatter - who’s in, who’s out, who’s got a shot, who doesn’t
  2. The AL West is bonkers
  3. AL MVP: Trout v. Donaldson - We have another stupid debate coming
  4. Papelboner vs. Brace Hyper - fighting is dumb
  5. Bud Norris - being a racist is also dumb
  6. Dipoto to Seattle

(53:32-1:00:40) Musical Advice From These Guys

A burgeoning guitarist asks: How do I guitar?
Do I go down the route of just getting a guitar and teaching myself via YouTube videos, websites and books or do I get lessons?

(1:00:40-1:06:00) Old School Player of the Week: Craig Skok!


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