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That’s my description of ottoneu picksix, a really fun and easy daily fantasy thing. Riley and I both play. If you remember to set a lineup on a given day, awesome. If you don’t, NBD. You compete against the rest of the internets and you can start your own groups for your friends. This is the Productive Outs group, for instance.

You can spend up to $120 to create your team, but one fun thing we’ve been doing is seeing what kind of team you can put together for the lowest possible amount of money: $3.00, or $.50 a player. We’ve taken to calling this the “50 Cent Friday Challenge.” Catchy, right? 

Well, to encourage you to join the fun, we’re gonna start offering prizes for the weekly winners of the Challenge. So create an account, join the group, and put together a three-buck team for tomorrow. Who knows? You might win some sweet band swag. 

The rules, such as they are:

  • You gotta join the Productive Outs group to be eligible. The group makes it easy to track all the participants. Of course you’re welcome to field a 50-cent team if you’re not in the group, but if you’re not in the group, you can’t be a prize-winna.
  • Spend exact 3 bucks on your team every Friday. 
  • If you’re the winner, email us with your real name, mailing address, and shirt size. We’ll dig up some band swag and mail it at you.
  • I’m pretty sure that’s it.