April 6th, 2016
PRODcast 124: Like A Nice Bowl Of Bran
Productive Outs
The PRODcast

Hello, this is the new and (hopefully) improved PRODcast – an easy-to-digest nugget of baseball and music that should pass through your system without causing bloating, headaches and/or abdominal discomfort. It’s like the All-Bran of podcasts. PLEASE HAVE SOME.

Musical Guest: WHITE DENIM. Buy it here.

Email from an Internet Superhero: @OmarUnited

Baseball Things

BASEBALL IS BACK! (Have you heard of it?)

  1. Our picks to win each division + wild card teams
  2. Things we’re excited about/not excited about seeing this season … 
  • A full season of Correa, Bryant, Buxton,
  • The Mets rotation
  • If Jered Weaver can crack 80MPH
  • More Mike Trout, gimme all of the Mike Trout
  • Hot dog Twitter, Wrestling twitter, Twitter in general
  • MLB.tv and MLB Network ads
  • This season’s installation of Unwritten Rules enforcement

Old School Player of the Week: Tito Fuentes


February 23rd, 2015
PRODcast 102: Yorn Mawncawder Is A Red Sawk
Productive Outs
The PRODcast

We’re back with another PRODcast, and this one is goofy and irreverant as ever.

It goes like this … 

(0:00-3:30) The open

(4:27-9:20) The musical guest: BABY BOY. Buy 2015 here.

(9:20-14:47) The Pipin’-Hot Take of the Week: Mat Latos, Kind of a Dick.

(15:30-35:45) We Read from the Electronic Mail Sac

(36:20-56:10) The Baseball Blather

  • Sam & Ben are running an independent baseball team this summer – The Sonoma Stompers
  • MONCADA to BoSOX (Jerry Remy will pronounce his name “YORN MAWNCAWDER”)
  • Pitchers and catchers report! Beat writers are taking horrible photos.
  • Didja hear? A-Rod’s back!
  • BJ Upton is changing his name to Melvin
  • John Axford’s Oscar predictions – 18 for 18 in 2014.  How’d he fare in 2015?

(56:10-1:01:11) The Old School Player of the Week:



Gaze upon his holy visage.

Brusstar played nine seasons with the Phillies, White Sox and Cubs as a reliever. He was 28-16, w/ a 3.51 ERA, 14 saves and a 1.360 WHIP in his career. Ol’ Brusstar’s Millions was drafted four (!) times, has an incredible 80-grade merm, a 70-grade scowl, 70-grade DADHAT, and a serious plustache (which looks an awful lot like his eyebrows were cloned and fell down to his upper lip).

December 17th, 2012

VOTE: Best of the PRODcast 2012


Hi, friends:

We’re putting together a “Best of 2012” segment for PRODcast 31 and we need your help.

Here’s the ballot:

  • Best Interview
  • Best Musical Guest
  • Best Segment
  • Best Listener Email 
  • Best Concept (weird meat, dadlap, dadhat, SCOUT, et al.)
Even though you won’t get a fun little sticker for voting, we’d really appreciate it if you helped us out and voted on each of the five categories. You can do so in the comments.
September 11th, 2012
PRODcast 19: Tony Gwynn's Duck Fart Into Short Left Field
Productive Outs

Such a good episode. Get it into your synapses ASAPses. 

  1. Intro
  2. Emailses
  3. Musical Guest: Title Fight
  4. Special Guest: Jason Parks
  5. Outro

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August 9th, 2012
Productive Outs
PRODcast 14 - Mike Scioscia’s Tragic Bullpen Management & Lineup Construction

This is another long one (that’s not what she said! OH!), so get comfortable. 

  • Intro
  • Lonnnnnnnng-ass email segment!
  • Musical guest: TIGON, with tracks from their new record, Infinite Teeth.
  • Who are the worst hitters in the big leagues so far this season?
  • Holy shit, the Astros are bad.
  • Mike Trout just turned 21. What were you doing at 21? 
  • Updates on Kowloon Walled City and The Music Project with Ed and Mike
  • The Ballad of Jose Mota (You’re going to want to stick around for this, trust me.)

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