August 12th, 2015

PRODcast 116′s Old School Player of the Week: Al Cowens

Scouting Grades: 70 DADHAT, 70 AFRO, 60 DADLAP, 70 DADGLASSES

Born in Compton, Al Cowens could pass for Humpty Hump from Digital Underground in a baseball uniform. He looks confused as hell in most photos which is probably due in large part to this …

Cowens was drafted in the 75th round of the 1969 MLB draft, but managed to play 13 seasons in the bigs with the Royals, Angels, Tigers and Mariners as a right fielder. He peaked with the Royals in 1977 at age 25, posting an .885 OPS, w/ 23 HR & 112 RBI, a bWAR of 5.3, a second place finish in the AL MVP voting and a Gold Glove. He never sniffed that kind of production again and died of a heart attack at age 50. Baseball is weird … and so is life … and so was Al.

via Wikipedia:

A notable feud started between Cowens and Texas Rangers reliever Ed Farmer early in the 1979 season. In the May 8 game at Arlington Stadium, a Farmer pitch thrown in the top of the 5th inning fractured Cowens’ jaw and broke several teeth;[1] Cowens would miss 21 games. Farmer also hit Cowens’ teammate Frank White in the same game and broke his wrist[2] and caused him to miss 33 contests. The following year, in a game between the Detroit Tigers and the Chicago White Sox at Comiskey Park on June 20‚ 1980‚ Cowens (now a Detroit Tiger) hit an infield grounder against Farmer (pitching for the White Sox). While Farmer watched his infielder make the play, Cowens ran to mound and tackled the pitcher from behind, instead of running to first base; getting in several punches before the benches cleared and the two were separated.[2] Cowens was suspended for 7 games and a warrant was issued for his arrest in Illinois‚ forcing him to skip the remainder of the series. Later Farmer agreed to drop the charges in exchange for a handshake‚ and the 2 players brought out the lineup cards before the game on September 1. However, future appearances for Cowens in Chicago were greeted with a “Coward Cowens” banner.

April 28th, 2013

Jason Vargas: Not Stoked

The 2013 Angels in GIF form.

April 5th, 2013

Michael Morse Is A Hammer-Wielding Adonis

This is Mike Morse’s solo shot off of A.J. Griffin last night.

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The pitch: A 1-1 fastball that was six inches off the inside black and bearing in on his meathooks.

The swing: Like Thor swinging his hammer. Brute strength.


 The velocity off the bat: 107.9 mph

The elevation angle: 23.6º

The distance: 383 feet

The verdict: That’ s four bombs in four games for The Sea Beast, and as a result, the collective man crush that Productive Outs has on him has reached freakish levels. 

December 10th, 2012
FAILED MLB SLOGANS Seattle Mariners: Come see Dustin Ackley foul off some pitches. (image via @rowast)


Seattle Mariners: Come see Dustin Ackley foul off some pitches.

(image via @rowast)

July 24th, 2012
Zoom FILE UNDER: Tweets from 2007.

FILE UNDER: Tweets from 2007.

Two musicians who love baseball, but don't take it too seriously.


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